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Spiritual Readings in Bromley South East

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Contacting Spirit Guides - Pamela D'AlbertoI am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have practised for many years at my own clinic in Beckenham Kent. I have always been drawn to energy medicine. I also practise Reiki/Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Psychic development /Mediumship.

I trained under Gerry March at the College of Psychic Studies in south Kensington for over 10 years. During my time there I studied and practised mediumship both on an individual basis and platform mediumship. Psychic development involving individual readings using both the tarot and spiritual guide connections, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance, flower reading, crystal ball, working with elementals, Channelling from the source, intuitive writing, past lives and animal healing.

Pamela is an intuitive healer and has been practising for many years.

Pamela is now a member of Reiki Evolution and now offers a combination of Reiki healing and Reiki Drumming Technique. This powerful combination can be used not only for healing, but for journeying to find out the answers to some of our problems and for soul retrieval. This is where one's soul may have become fragemented and needs to be returned to the present self, in other words it makes us whole again. Reiki Drum Technique can also be used for journeying to find your power animals that walk with you and assist you on your journey through this life. Pamela sometimes uses both the Reiki and the drumming in combination with crystal healing. Pamela is also a medium, clairvoyant and psychic, these abilities are often used during treatments.

Spiritual Cleaning of your Home

This involves removing any unwanted spirits that may be living in your home. Some of us don't even know we are sharing our home with spirits and that's fine, however others suffer a considerable amount of trauma and don't know where to go for help. I have removed many unwanted spirits from people's homes and they have felt much better for it. If you would like to know more, please contact me and I will call you back to see if I can help.

Spiritual Cleaning Costs

First visit (approximately 1-2 hours): 100. Follow-up visit: 50.